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Posted.: 05/12/2017

UT contact person: Jordy Gosselt / Sikke Jansma


Company involved: Province of Overijssel

Location / country:

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National and international policy makers actively steer towards a transition of the energy portfolio from nuclear and fossil power to renewable energy sources. As a consequence, alternative ways of energy are needed and promising new ways include solar and wind energy. Public acceptance will play a decisive role in the success or failure of the desired energy transition. To date we see that general acceptance seems to be high, but this does not translate into local acceptance, leading to strong resistance against the actual implementation of renewable energy infrastructures. 

Earlier research has provided us with several predictors of resistance. However, instead of focusing on resistance towards renewable energy in general and changes in the infrastructure in specific we choose a different approach. The aim of this research project is to provide representative data on public acceptance of  renewable energies in which our focus will be on (1) public acceptance from a narratives perspective and, more specifically, (2) successful local initiatives that have been proven to be effective.

Start date: To be decided

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