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Increasing (feelings of) unsafety to overcome the Petlzman Effect

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Posted: 01/12/2017

UT contact person: Pieter Cornelissen, MSc


Context information:


Increase (feelings of) unsafety to overcome the Peltzman effect.

Description of thesis project / theme:


Every year millions of employee suffer from an occupational incident. In trying to achieve a safer workplace, organizations have turned to (technical) safeguards, rules, and standard operating procedures (SOP’s). But there is evidence that these efforts actually might have a negative effect on both the behavior and safety of employees, referred to as ‘the Peltzman effect’. The Peltzman effect refers to the tendency of people to compensate for increased safety regulations by increasing other risk behaviors. It is hypothesized that due to this effect, increasing safe guards and regulations are worthless at best, but might even decrease existing safety and safety behaviors.


Through an experimental design we want to study if we can use the same effect to make people behave more safely by decreasing their (perceived) safety. Students have an important say in deciding upon the final parameters of this project, as well as parts of the research method. We are looking for multiple students, as there is the possibility to study different elements within the same project.


Start date: As soon as possible

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