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Posted: 01/12/2017

UT contact person: Susanne Barth, MSc
                                  Prof. Menno D. T. de Jong

                                  Dr. Andreas Peter

E-mail: s.barth@utwente.nl

Context information:


Formative evaluation of an interdisciplinary project in the framework of a joint Master course for social and computer scientists

Description of thesis project / theme:

Analysis of scientific paper(s) about a given technology: What are actual risks of the technology?

Analysis from the social science perspective regarding a given technology and associated risks, to be combined with the analysis done by a technical Master student


- Technological analysis of the problem/technology

- Behavioral analysis of the problem/technology

- Analysis of business models behind the technology

- Content analysis of privacy statements, distributed by provider of the technology

- Conducting (mini-)research for gaining deeper insights

- Putting all information together

- Start working on final product (e.g. open letter, popular newspaper article, short video clip)

- Finalizing product

- Writing justification report/process report

Start date: As soon as possible

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