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Posted: 07/12/2017

UT contact person: Dr. S. Janssen

                                  Dr. T. J. L. van Rompay


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Work life is changing, whether or not directly influenced by the progress in (information and communication) technologies. Several new technical and non-technical challenges arise for both employees and managers, in a wide range of sectors. For instance, in addition to positive effects of new technologies on work–related outcome measures such as efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction, new technologies may also come with a ‘dark side’. They may, amongst others, provide (unwelcome) distractions and increase tech-dependency. To make the implementation of new technologies such as robots, artificial intelligence systems, and VR in organizations successful, it is important to involve users in the design and redesign of these technologies. In this research theme, you address fundamental questions concerning how users experience work technologies. Examples of questions to be addressed are:

-       How is work life changing under the influence of new technologies? How does it impact employee attitudes and behaviors?

-       Which new skills are required when working with new technologies? How do people acquire those skills, in both formal and informal ways of learning and development?

-       What are effective human-technology interactions (including adaptability, acceptability, user experience, and trust) at work?

-       What counts for a positive experience when working with new technologies?

-       How to design new technologies in such a way that they address the user’s basic human needs?

Start date: As soon as possible

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