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Posted: 07/12/2017

UT contact person: Sjoerd de Vries

E-mail: Sjoerd.devries@utwente.nl

Company involved: Public sector partners

Location / country: Netherlands

Company or context information:

 Our partners in the field of Digital marketing:

·         Team Nijhuis (SEM)

·         Adwise (Usability)

·         Gladior (Big Data)

·         Green Orange / Datatrics (Big Data)

·         Limesquare (Neuromarketing)

Description of thesis project / theme:

 Marketing companies are early adopters of ‘big data’ and ‘data driven’ approaches. We have in Twente the Digital Marketing Lab, a ‘data-driven’ cooperation between marketing company partners, University of Twente marketing researchers and Saxion UAS.


If you have an interest in Digital Marketing, more specific ‘data-driven’ (Your future) join us! In our lab we have varied opportunities for master theses students. Just contact Sjoerd de Vries (sjoerd.devries@utwente.nl)  

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