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Engaging citizens in development and implementation of technological innovations

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Posted: 07/12/2017

UT contact person: Anne M. Dijkstra

                                  Sikke R. Jansma



Company involved: Netherlands

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The department of Communication Science at the University of Twente is one of the research partners in the GoNano-project. GoNano is a European project that focuses on co-creation between various stakeholder groups, such as researchers, business, civil society organizations and policy makers, to align future nanotechnologies with societal needs and concerns.


Nanotechnology – the engineering of particles on an atomic or molecular scale – has given rise to great expectations in recent years in areas such as energy, healthcare, electronics and food. At the University of Twente we have one of world’s leading research institutes (MESA+) on nanotechnology.

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In this project the focus is on how to engage citizens in the development and implementation of technological innovations. As technological innovations have a major  influence on our daily lives, policymakers and researchers have increasingly embraced the idea of actively involve citizens in decision-making on innovations. Not only gives this insights into new ideas, it also contributes to public acceptance of technological innovation in society.

The research can be both quantitative and qualitative. From a quantitative perspective, you could study the needs, knowledge and motives citizens have with regard to nanotechnologies and its application areas. A qualitative approach would focus much more on ways of how to actively engage these citizens. One of these processes is ‘co-creation’, a rather new phenomena in which citizens are invited to shape the research and policy agenda. You can focus on nanotechnology in general, or in a specific area (i.e. health, energy, and food).


Start date: Between January 2018 and January 2019

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