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Roessingh Research and Development - Usability of eHealth technology

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Posted: 01/12/2017

Company: Roessingh Research and Development (RRD)

Department: Telemedicine


Location: Enschede

 Company information

Roessingh Research and Development (RRD) is the largest Dutch scientific research center for rehabilitation technology. We have a wide range of disciplines and we work together on national and international projects that combines knowledge of healthcare practice and human movement with applied technology.

The Telemedicine cluster aims at realizing innovative solutions for healthcare delivery through ICT. One of our focus points is evaluating eHealth technology on usability and user experience and applying user-centered design for developing and improving new technology.


eHealth technology becomes more present in research on diagnosing, preventing and treating age-related conditions and risks. Serious games are designed to examine their possibilities as a screening and intervention tool for older adults. These games are difficult to develop because they need not only to be fun to play but also to motivate users to adopt healthy behaviors on a long-term basis. Roessingh Research and Development has developed a serious game, ‘Stranded’, which is developed to motivate older adults to regularly perform physical exercises at home. We are currently evaluating the usability of this serious game. A usability evaluation protocol is developed for this purpose. The object of this project is to evaluate the usability of this serious game within one target group and based on the results and literature write recommendations to improve the game. Further, in this assignment there is plenty of room to conduct related research on this topic.


In summary, the activities to be performed by the student will be:

-           Conducting usability evaluation

-           Writing recommendations based on results

-           Comparing of recommendations with literature

-           Optional: additional research on usability and gamification in eHealth.

Start date: Jan/Feb 2018

Period: 3-6 months

Extra info: Dutch speaking is desirable for conducting the usability evaluations.

Interested…? Contact the internship- and graduationcoördinator:

drs. M.H. (Mark) Tempelman


Location: Cubicus, kamer C216

Phone nr: +31(0)6 13 50 13 31