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Practical Information

Higher Education and Reseach ACT (WHW) Dutch version

Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappeljk onderzoek klik hier (geldend van 01-02-2018 t/m heden) (Dutch version) 

Education and Examination regulation BMS including specific appendices

The faculty of BMS and the University of Twente have several regulations that apply to students and lecturers.The Students' Charter contains the rights and obligations of students on the one hand and the University of Twente on the other hand. The charter consists of 2 parts:

  1. The institutional section: applies to all students, irrespective of the programme. This section shall be determined annually. (see website CES)
    If you want to receive a paper version, please contact Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling, CPO registry.

  2. The programme section: is different per programme and can be found in the Education and Examination Regulations (OER). See the site of your educational programme.

Besides, the examination boards of BMS have their own Rules and Regulations that state how they execute the requirements and powers the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) and the EER have set for them. The current R&R you will find on the website of the examination boards BMS.

Students Charter

Here you can download the Students' Charter 2017/2018

Complain Desk

The Complain Desk is for all formal complaints, appeals or objections from students regarding education-/student-related matters (also decisions and procedures of the examination boards)

(CES) Information related to studying, E.G. Enrolement, Tuition Fees, Student Card

This is the website of the Centre for Educational Support (CES). Are you looking for a certain CES employee? Have a look at the CES who-is-who (intranet).

(CES) Information on Quality and Examination

If you're an employee of the UT and have a question about testing & assessment or Examination Board issues, or would like some support or advice, feel free to contact a member of our CELT Examination Team
Here you can find information and tips about testing & assessment for lecturers and examiners
Hereyou can find information for Examination board members, administrators or educational managers

(CES) Credit conversion table for non-European Partner Organizations

Conversion table non-ECTS Credits as AID
This table is meant to serve as an aid for the Examination Boards of educational programmes within the University of Twente. 
Students can use the table as a guidance to check if their proposed exchange courses represents enough workload.

Ministery of Education (OC&W)

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) is working on a smart, skilled and creative Country. OCW works for pupils, students and their parents, but also for artists and museum visitors. For teachers and teachers from primary to higher education. And for scientific researchers and employees of radio and television, libraries and art institutions. Click here if you need more information (Dutch version)

Inspectrorate Higher Education

The Inspectorate of Education assesses and promotes the quality of the higher education system. We also monitor the financial regularity, efficiency and continuity and compliance with statutory regulations by institutions in higher education. In case of serious incidents, we can conduct an investigation at an institution. Click here if you need more information (dutch version)