Timetable and academic Calender

The link MyTimetable refers to where you can find the timetable for a specific module by searching with a module name or module code.

The link Academic Calender more general information will be provided about the organization behind the timetables and scheduling. The academic calendar gives an overview of the starting and finishing of periods/modules, when official (public) holidays are planned, and when the re-sit period takes place during Summer (after period 2B).

Module and course registration

OSIRIS is the student information system in use at the UT. This page is meant for questions about the front end of OSIRIS. This front end has both a Student module and a Lecturer/Supervisor module. Quick link

Educational Applications UT 

This link Educational Applications is about the educational applications at the UT. In the section 'about the applications' you will find everything about them. Click on the logos underneath to go to the documentation of a specific system.

Library,ICT services & archive (LISA) 

University Library, ICT and Archive combined in one service. Our services are diverse, but connected by the ever-growing importance of digitalization at the University of Twente. By joining forces, we can provide better and more efficient support in research, education, and business operations. Quick link

TCP language centre 

Improving your skills will help you perform better in your work or study. The TCP Language Centre offers professional support in languages, communicative skills, academic writing, study and employability skills to staff and students at the University of Twente. Quick Link

student union 

Student Union is a non-profit organization that strive to make your student time completely terrific! We believe that your student time should be more than just studying. Therefore, we try everything to make this as unforgettable, educating, and cheap as possible. You can therefore regard to us as representative of the students’ and associations’ interests.

The thing that makes the University of Twente unique, is that almost every student is active at an association: not only as participant of activities, but also as organizer of these activities. By deploying all these active students, and the possibilities the university has to offer, the student life of Enschede is as vivid as it is.