Educational applications

There are many online systems on the UT, but three are especially important for first year students to get familiar with: Osiris, Canvas and My Timetable.
For further information, please consult  Information for new students


OSIRIS has two functionalities for students. For one, it is the system through which you enroll yourself (obligatory) in the modules. Ones you are enrolled in a module in OSIRIS, you will be automatically enrolled in the module’s BlackBoard page, which is the Universities educational learning environment. As from that moment you are also automatically enrolled and registered for the upcoming modules tests. Furthermore, OSIRIS is the official grading administration system of the UT, which means that test and exam results (on the level of module tests and module exams) are being administered in this system. Check your results in Osiris on a regular basis for omissions.


CANVAS is the electronical learning environment of the UT. In this system the organization of every module is arranged. Every module has its own site and all issues concerning a module, including communication and grading are arranged via this system.


MyTimetable is the UT’s schedule system for all educational activities. You can personify and taylor the schedule for your specific personal situation (e.g. tutorial groups, practicals, etc.). Also the module tests (time and place) are scheduled in this system.

Information for new students