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Getting more from your studies

Excellence Stream (mathematics)

The Excellence Stream is a special mathematics programme for technology students - in addition to their regular programme. The best students of a number of technical programmes receive an invitation for this programme. The Excellence Stream starts in quarter 1.3 and continues throughout the bachelor’s programme. Students receive (sub)certificates for participating in the Excellence Stream. More information is available on the Excellence Stream website or via the study adviser.

Honours Programme

The Honours Programme is a broad study programme which introduces students to major scientists and scientific practice. The programme (30 EC) starts in September of the second year of study and lasts a year and a half. The Honours Programme is available for top students of all programmes. After completion of the Honours Programme, students receive the distinction 'graduated with honours' on their certificate. 

Studying abroad

Partner University

Would you like to study abroad? You can use the minor (third year) to study at a foreign partner university for a number of months. We will try to find a solution for any scheduled compulsory CE subjects. You can contact Jolanthe Schretlen for more information.

Summer course

Various summer courses are offered during the summer months. Several other universities in the Netherlands and abroad also offer interesting summer courses.


The with distinction scheme is outlined in the Education and Examination Regulations (EER)


Are you looking for activities you can engage in, in addition to your studies? The following website contains more information on activities and entrepreneurship during your education.