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New PhD Student at CHOIR

January 1, Yelte Kikke started as a new PhD candidate at the CHOIR research center and BMS. Yelte holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering & Management received from the University of Twente in 2018.  

 Yelte: “This research project will focus on improving the planning processes in the Home Care environment. As general life expectancy shows an increasing trend, we can expect a higher population of elderly, needing assistance in their daily living. This means challenges arises for Home Care providers to provide these services, while keeping costs low.  

This project aims to contribute to a more efficient and robust planning, so that Home Care providers can guarantee satisfying its clients at a reasonable cost for society. The project is in collaboration with Thuiszorg West Brabant (TWB) and is supervised by Gréanne Leeftink and Erwin Hans. 

I’m very excited to contribute to solve this growing problem in society.