General Education Information

Structure Master's Programme

You will choose your track before you start your Master’s programme and your choice will determine the core courses and electives available to you. Both tracks have a set curriculum with a fixed number of required courses but plenty of room for choice. 

The general programme structure for both specializations is:

  • Required courses (35 or 40 credits, depending on the specialization)
  • Electives (20 or 15 credits, depending on the specialization )
  • Internship (20 credits)
  • Master’s assignment (45 credits)

You are advised to identify your interests and abilities at an early stage with a view to choosing the UT chemical research group where you want to do your Master’s assignment. This is important, as some research groups require you to take specific electives. 

If you did your Bachelor's at the University of Twente one big difference between Bachelor's and Master's is, that the Master's exists of seperate course (usally 5 EC) and not a module like in the Bachelor's. This means you have to register for every course seperate.