Transition Regulations for pre-master students 2017-2018

Approved by Board of Examiners of ChE at 18 July 2017.

As a consequence of changes in the curriculum of the pre-master’s programme for students of universities of applied sciences (HBO) as of 2017-2018, the deficiency programme during the master’s phase will be discontinued. This means that students who start their pre-master’s in 2017-2018 will do an internship & job orientation project (20 EC) during their master’s. Students who started before 2017-2018 have to do a deficiency programme (20 EC, mostly bachelor courses) instead of the internship during their master’s. For those students the transition regulation applies:

Students who started their pre-master’s before 2017-2018 and who haven’t yet finish their deficiency programme, may choose to either do the internship & job orientation project (20 EC) or take the (remaining) courses of the deficiency programme.