Twente Graduate School

A Graduate Research Programme at the University of Twente consists of a coherent set of integrated Master and Doctorate courses that covers a period of, at most, six years. These programs are aimed at students with an interest in scientific research, so that they are able to start focusing on their PhD-thesis during their Master programme. All programmes focus on an important research topic. They include a substantial amount of advanced post-Master courses (30 EC), and a selection of general subjects such as Science Communication, Philosophy, or Entrepreneurship, etc.

The Twente Graduate School has advanced research programs on the following topics:

  • Behavioral Research
  • Telematics and Information Technology
  • Innovation and Governance Studies
  • Energy and Resources
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine

In the field of Chemical Engineering, the following three graduate research programmes are usually offered:

If you obtained your Bachelor’s degree with excellent results, wish to pursue a career in research and would like to start your scientific career while obtaining your Master’s degree, you might be able to join one of the Twente Graduate Research Programmes.

For an up-to-date overview of Graduate Research Programmes and more information about the Twente Graduate School (e.g. admission requirements), visit: