• Individual assignments require high levels of independency. In the first place, students are responsible for their own progress, planning and arrangements for coaching during the assignment.
  • In general, students are expected to perform the assignment at the working space of the research group (instead of working at home). In this way, a normal working rhythm can be generated which allows for social contacts and improves coaching. Potential absence has to be announced.
  • Students should make a good time schedule to ensure that the assignment can be finished in the planned period. This schedule can be discussed with the daily supervisor to determine whether it is realistic and should be adapted when circumstances turn out to be different.
  • If there is a delay of more than two weeks, the mentor should inform S&OA, and mention the reason.
  • Tip: start as soon as possible with the thesis. Postponing writing generally leads to delays.
  • Tip: for evaluation of written work (parts of thesis or other work) supply it timely to the daily supervisor.


  • Students should preferably have a weekly meeting with their daily supervisor to discuss progress, time schedule and scientific work: approach, theory, modeling, experiments, results, etc.
  • Plan all meetings of the Master’s assignment committee timely (they all have tight schedules), together with the daily supervisor. At least one interim meeting is required. At these meetings, a research approach, progress (especially halfway) and results will be discussed. The draft version of the thesis or the management summary can be point of discussion during these meetings if it is sent to the committee in advance.
  • It is possible that the coaching you get differs from your expectations or previous agreements. If this is the case discuss it with your mentor. If problems cannot be resolved contact the chair of the graduation committee. If this does not solve the problems contact the study-advisor or the programme director.

Group presentations and social events

  • At some groups, it is also a habit to give short presentation(s) for people within the group.
  • The organization of all events is strongly dependent of the size and culture within the group.

Credit points during Master’s assignment

From the moment you start the Master’s assignment (official date on the application form), study progress is monitored at S&OA. Virtual EC points are awarded to the student’s record every month, with a maximum of 36 EC. This may be of interest for study grants. The full 45 EC are only recorded to the student’s total record at the actual graduation.