Before you start

Choice of the Master’s assignment

Students are recommended to timely enquire about the possible assignments in the research group that they have selected to perform their Master’s assignment. This may be well before the actual planned start of the assignment (all paperwork should be handed in at least one month before the start of the assignment). The assignment should be performed at a research group that is associated with the ChE Master programme.

Starting requirements

Before the start of the Master’s assignment, a student should fulfill the following requirements:

  • The internship has been completed successfully,
  • A minimum of 65 EC of the ChE Master programme has to be completed (i.e. minimally 45 EC of ChE Master courses and 20 EC for the ChE internship). Please note: you need to have finished all your master courses before you can plan your final presentation.

These requirements are listed in the OER of the ChE Master programme.

Supervisors and the graduate contract

Based on the topic of your assignment, you will be assigned a mentor, who will be your daily supervisor during the assignment.

With the chair of the research group, you will fill in the “MSc Final Project Contract and Course List”, which describes the proposed assignment and the Master’s assignment committee. You must submit this contract at least one month before you start your Master’s assignment to the Board of Examiners using Mobility Online. 

The Master’s assignment committee should meet the following requirements:

  • The chair of the research group is part of the committee.
  • The daily supervisor is part of the committee (if the daily supervisor is a research assistant, then the member of staff who supervises the research assistant, must also be a member of the commission).
  • The committee should have at least one member who is a member of the scientific staff of another research group. This person may be someone of another UT faculty.
  • In case of an external assignment (in a company, research institute, etc.), besides the above-mentioned persons an extra company supervisor should be part of the committee.

In addition to the information above, the graduate contract contains a full list of courses (with results) of your Master’s programme (i.e. the examination subjects) and a contract (with planning) between you and the research group.

You should hear back from the Board of Examiners approximately two to four weeks after you submitted your application.