To find a suitable MSc assignment, you have to contact the staff of the research group you want to do your assignment with. Most students talk to different staff members to find the project they want to do. After agreeing on a project, the student, staff member and mentor/daily supervisor agree on a project description.

Before you are allowed to start with your assignment, you need to follow a procedure in Mobility Online to get your assignment approved. Mobility Online is a system the UT uses to register graduation assignments. This has to be done at least 1 month before the start of the assignment.

Before the start
  • The way you need to start the graduation registration in Mobility Online depends on where you will execute the master’s assignment.
  • Entire assignment inside the UT: four weeks before the start of your master’s assignment, you should start the registration in Mobility Online by choosing the standard registration. Entire assignment outside the UT (NL or abroad): six weeks before the start of your master’s assignment you should start the registration in Mobility Online by choosing the extended registration. If you are going to do your master’s assignment outside the UT, you also need to write a formal request to the Board of Examiners. Parts of the assignment outside the UT (NL or abroad): six weeks before the start of your master’s assignment you should start the registration in Mobility Online for the period you are outside the UT by choosing the extended registration. You also need to perform the standard registration to register the entire period of your assignment.
  • Sign-in with your UT student number and UT password.
  • Fill in the form (proposal form).
  • Make sure the Faculty, Study level and Study fields are correct.
  • Committee information:
  • Committee chair: the chair of your committee Committee member UT: daily supervisor (If you have a daily supervisor who doesn’t work at the UT, you can put the daily supervisor in the next field) Any other committee members can be filled in the remaining fields
  • Course code: the master assignment has two course codes. It depends on in which year you have started your assignment and which specialization you are taking which two are the right ones:
  1. 201300055 - Master Thesis Reporting and General Aspects (20 EC, for all students)
  2. 201300054 - Master Thesis Scientific and Research Aspects (25 EC, for all MME students and CPE students cohort 2017-2018 and earlier)
  3. 2018xxxxx – Master Thesis Scientific and Research Aspects (20 EC, for CPE students cohort 2018-2019 and later)
  • Fill in the title and description of the thesis.
  • The remaining field (remaining courses) do not have to be filled in. You have to fill that information using the form.
  • After registration, you receive a confirmation of registration e-mail, including login details and a link to sign in. This link should be used to see the progress and if any actions are required.
  • The next step is to upload the ChE form to request for approval of the Master assignment. This step is important as we cannot approve your request without this form.
  • Download the “MSc final project contract and Course List” form from the ChE website.
  • Fill in the form from the ChE website, collect the signatures and upload this form as a PDF file under Upload Application Form.
  • To add your study progress overview to the form, please download your overview in Osiris and combine the two pdf’s (for example by using this website:
  • Your application form needs to be checked by the examination board. This will be done after you have finished the steps in Mobility Online.
  • When the application is marked as approved by the coordinator, the examination board has approved your application and you are allowed to start with your Master assignment. You will receive an automatic e-mail when your application is approved. You will also receive an e-mail from BOZ in which they let you and the graduation committee know that you are allowed to start. Please be aware that without approval from the Board of Examiners you are not allowed to start!
At the start of the assignment
  • Student signs safety rules provided by the secretary of the research group (if necessary).
  • The secretary of the group registers the contact information of the student.
  • The daily supervisor appoints a working space to the student, introduces the other staff members and plans the assignment.
During the assignment
  • Student and daily supervisor have (a weekly) consultation.
  • Student and daily supervisor make interim colloquium plans.
  • Student and Master’s assignment committee plan at least one interim meetings.
Before the colloquium
  • When you are in the process of finalizing your assignment and planning your colloquium, sign-in to Mobility Online and check if anything has changed in the title or committee that you filled in before the start of the assignment.
  • If nothing has changed, mark the thesis as finished.
  • Click the Edit button to mark the checkbox.
  • Click Cancel to go back to the Application workflow.
  • You now have to download the form “Application MSc Colloquium” from the website, fill it in and send it to BOZ (, it cannot be uploaded to Mobility Online.
  • After receiving the form the project will be marked as approved or incomplete by the coordinator.
  • The application will be marked as finished after the thesis has been submitted to BOZ and the grade has been registered in OSIRIS.
After the collouquim