Assessment and grading

The student will be evaluated on two major aspects during the assignment. At the end of the colloquium the student will receive two grades, one for each aspect. The content of both aspects is as follows:

Assessment research qualities

  • Problem analysis (definition of the research goals),
  • Execution of the graduation project (theoretical skills & experimental skills),
  • Analysis of the results (complexity of the research, and feed-back to the research goals),
  • Accessibility and usefulness of the results (can the results be published?).

Assessment of the reporting and general aspects

  • Report (thesis)
    • Contents and structure,
    • Design and lay-out,
    • Language,
    • Discussion of results, conclusions and recommendations,
    • Literature references, list of symbols, description of laboratory set-up, etc.
  • Colloquium
    • Contents,
    • Message, and connection to public,
    • Explanation about methods and results (clearness),
    • Style of presenting and use of audio-video support tools,
    • Discussion and response to questions.
  • General aspects
    • Independence of student,
    • Originality and creativity,
    • Attitude, effort, pace, dedication, commitment,
    • Co-operation with “problem owner” and with co-workers.

Two grades for the Master’s assignment

The Master’s assignment is separated into two parts. Objectives can be set in the following manner.

  • Execution of ChE research
    • During the Master’s assignment students learn how to work independently on a rather complex and extensive research project, which meets scientific criteria. This research can be split into multiple stages:
      • Problem analysis: understanding a certain research field, recognizing problems and formulating research questions and approaches,
      • Execution: the theoretical and experimental approach and execution,
      • Result analysis: analyzing the results and their relevance.
  • Written report of research
  • Oral presentation of research
  • General aspects of the assignment
    • The assignment has to be carried out with a large degree of independence. The student is primarily responsible for the progress, planning and discussion with supervising lecturers.

The first grade will be given on the execution of the research (1) and the second grade will be based on the other three objectives (2-4) in the following manner:

  • Execution of research (25 EC)
  • Report, presentation, and general aspects (20 EC)

Here you can download the assessment criteria form, which is a list of criteria that are used in the assessment of the MSc final project. Make sure all your committee members do have a copy of this.