As one of the five Faculties at the University of Twente, the Faculty of Engineering Technology comprises of a cluster of Departments, participating in the educational programs of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Industrial Design Engineering, in which all research is organized.

The Faculty has approximately 1,800 Bachelor's and Master's students, 300 employees, and 150 PhD candidates. The Faculty is organized in a matrix structure where the Departments cooperatively conduct educational programmes and participate in interdisciplinary research projects and programmes with four of the University’s Research Institute:

Department of Design, Production and Management

The department of design, production and management focuses on research, education and application of the broad design process, ranging from the analysis of context and users to the realization of products and product service systems. Spanning the entire design process and integrating knowledge from various disciplines throughout this process gives us a unique profile.

We apply and advance conceptual and empirical methods of design research and thereby we contribute to the growing knowledge base and the development of research methodology in the field of design. We contribute to knowledge and understanding in production and manufacturing, the design of business models, sustainability, human product interaction and co-creation. In all our research efforts, we aim to not only contribute to the separate domains but also to consider the whole chain and final effects on society and industry. We apply our research to different domains such as circular economy, health, smart cities, energy and smart industry.

We teach our students to become academic designers that master the selection and execution of design processes such as user centred design, system engineering and business model design. We equip them with a comprehensive toolkit of design skills covering competencies such as construction, production, graphic design and interaction design. We encourage our students to be reflective on both design process and outcome and we prepare students to take a responsible role in society.

As an integrated whole, the department of design, production and management  serves as the nucleus of the design cluster at the University of Twente. We actively seek collaboration with other research groups and organizations within the UT (biomedical engineering, philosophy of technology, innovation management, centre for ehealth and wellbeing, DesignLab, Human Media Interaction, ARISE) as well as with groups at other universities both in The Netherlands and abroad. Next to this, we engage in joint research projects with industrial partners ranging from SMEs to multinational companies.

Department of Biomechanical Engineering

The Department of Biomechanical Engineering is conducting research at the interface of technological and medical sciences, aimed at improving rehabilitation of patients with sensory or motor disorders, thereby ultimately increasing their independence. The Department’s research is focused in three core themes: neural control of movement and posture; characterization of biological tissue behaviour and the effect of (surgical) interventions; and development of methods to study human movement. The major areas of research as relates to medical application are rehabilitation, orthopaedics, and neurology.

Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering is undertaking research to acquire qualitative and quantitative knowledge on the life cycle of civil engineering systems and objects. The Department has a particular focus on the initiative phase, the phase of conceptual or functional design, and the operation and maintenance phase, all of which is considered in a societal and environmental context. The Department’s research concentrates on construction management and engineering (e.g. planning, development, procurement systems and construction engineering), transport studies (e.g. engineering, management and interaction of transport systems), and water engineering and management (physics of marine and fluvial systems and integrated water management).

Department of Mechanics of Solids, Surfaces and Systems

The Department of Mechanics of Solids, Surfaces and Systems is developing the technology for future manufacturing processes and new products through a science-based engineering approach, focused on material behaviour, system behaviour, and robust optimization.  Manufacturing new products and/or developing new processes requires a profound scientific understanding of (functional) materials (e.g. elastomers, polymers, composites, metals, bio-materials) and their interactions throughout the complete life cycle: during design, production, use and after service life.

Department of Thermal and Fluid Engineering

The Department of Thermal and Fluid Engineering is undertaking research in theoretical, numerical, and experimental fluid dynamics, granular materials and thermal engineering, driven by applications in fields such as mechanical engineering, maritime engineering, aerospace engineering and process technology. Research themes include aero-acoustics, fluid mechanics of rotating flow machinery, multi-phase flows, transport phenomena, sustainable fuels, turbulent combustion, and heat transfer.

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