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Printing, copying and repro facilities

All services in the area of printing, copying and reproduction facilities are supplied by our external partner Xerox.

Printing and copying

When printing, copying, scanning and faxing documents you can use all the multifunctional printers (MFP) on the campus. You can also print from your UT workplace and from your own notebook. The MFPs offer the following functionalities:

  • printing from your UT workplace, USB stick or your own notebook
  • copying
  • scanning to your mailbox mail and your M: drive
  • faxing

You can find more information in the handbooks that are provided on the LISA website and in our Products and Services Overview.

Copy shops

There are three copy shops at the university. In Carré, in the ITC Building and in the Bastille. These provide all print-related services. 

Business cards

Need some new business cards? Then use the layout tool provided by Marketing & Communication.