There is a central reception point for goods on the campus (Garage building). All post and all parcels are deposited here by the various delivery and transport companies. The post items and parcels are registered, after which they are delivered by the postal and goods rounds to the various buildings at regular times. 

Looking for detailed information on receiving and sending post and parcels? Then check out our Products and Services Overview

Sending internal post

Internal post is post that is addressed to the university buildings on the campus and ITC. Special UT envelopes are available for this purpose. You can hand in internal post at the Service Desk. Post is collected from the buildings and processed twice a day. It is then delivered to the Service Desk in question during the next postal round, and after this the post is sorted into the appropriate pigeonholes. 

External post and parcels

External post is post and parcels that cannot be sent via the internal post system. External post is collected at the secretariats. If the post and/or parcel is handed in early enough to be included in the postal rounds then it will be processed and passed on to the external postal service that same day. NB: external post should always be despatched in in the blue postbag belonging to your own department. Parcels can be handed in in loose form. To find out more about addressing, formats, weight, ways of handing in post, costs and delivery times, see the extensive information in our Products and Services Overview.

Item of post or parcel is lost

Are you expecting an item of post that seems to be late? Or has a parcel been lost? Then please contact the Service Desk in your building. 

Track & trace 

All non-food goods ordered by university staff members are received centrally and registered in CEGOON. This registration system gives you the option of checking for yourself whether your consignment has been received at the University of Twente.