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Faults and light maintenance

Faults and disruptions often occur in and around buildings, or minor repairs and odd jobs need to be carried out. This is all part of a lively campus environment. We are at your service to deal with this kind of work; if possible we’ll do it ourselves, and otherwise have it carried out by one of our external partners. 


Wherever people do work, there will also be faults and disruptions. If a lamp is broken, if it’s too cold in your office, if the coffee machine isn’t working properly, if there’s a leaky toilet, then please notify the Service Desk of your building as quickly as possible. They’ll note down what you tell them and pass it on to the responsible person and/or department. At the same time they’ll keep tabs on the matter, so that together with you they can be sure that a solution is being found. See here for all contact details.

Minor repairs

Minor repairs are carried out by Facilities Services whenever possible. This involves things like repairing and replacing locks, repairing doors and windows, replacing broken lamps, repairing a chair, replacing ceiling tiles, etc. For this kind of repairs please contact the Service Desk of your building.

Odd jobs

Have you got an odd job that needs to be done? Facilities Services can help you! Depending on the size of the task, we can do it ourselves or together with you, or we’ll coordinate the work and call in the help of our external partners. This can involve (smaller) tasks such as mounting whiteboards or name plates, hanging up paintings, adjusting your office, providing the resources you need for a meeting, removing excess goods, setting up temporary paper containers etc. Call in our help through the Service Desk of your building