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Work place employees

Looking for a new office, want to know when the post is delivered, how cleaning is organized, where you can order your office supplies, how your waste is collected or where you can order your business cards?

Frequent themes are set out below. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Then check out our Products and Services Overview.


At the university we like to make a contribution to awareness about using raw materials and sharing responsibility for the environment. So we handle our waste as carefully as possible. Various waste flows are separated before being collected. Do you have an idea for additional waste separation or other useful information that can help us here? Then please share it with us.

Office supplies

Office supplies can be ordered through the Express Order web application from Staples, which is our supplier in this area. If you’re looking for information on a log-in account or a product overview, check out our Products and Services Overview.


If you need to procure furniture then contact one of our three suppliers: Ahrend, Gispen or Rohde & Grahl. Ahrend is our exclusive supplier for office chairs. You can order all other furniture from your preferred supplier up to a sum of €2500, not including VAT. If you have an order exceeding this amount, offers must be requested in a mini-tendering procedure through the Purchasing department. For more information please contact Purchasing or check out our Products and Services Overview.


Information to follow soon.

Adjusting the temperature at my workplace

Information to follow soon.

Access to my workplace

Information to follow soon.