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Sports and Culture

For students there is a wide offer of Sports and Culture on the Campus. To participate in Sports and Culture activities you'll need an UnionCard subscription. When you have purchased the UnionCard, it's possible to add (sports)subscriptions which have your interest.  

The UT currently has more than 40 different sportassociations. There is a indoor and outdoor swimmingpool and has a fitness centre for the individual sporters. Do you want more information about sports on the UT, check their website.

The UT also has a wide offer of Culture associations and activities. Culture associations organize different expositions and perfomances, there is also the possibility to follow Cultural courses. If you want to know more about Culture on the Campus, check their website.

Special'DEALS' for students

The Student Union offers a lot of benefits for students. Check for the specific benefits.

On the O&O square you can find a Campusbike, a possibility to rent a bike. 

Organizing an event

As a student you can organize a event or activity, an example is a flatparty. To organize an event there are a few steps that need to be taken. Our department Events can support you in organizing an event. 

Do you want more information about organizing an event, check the following page.


At the University of Twente, we think it's important to care for our environment. That's why we try to seperate our waste carefully. A lot of waste is already being seperated. If you have any ideas about how the University can contribute to our enviroment, please feel free to let us know. 

Lost and found

Did you lose or find something? Please bring it to the Servicedesk of the building. If you want to pick up a lost item, it's necessary to identify yourself. More information is available in our Products and services overview.


For available parkingspots check: