Studying on Campus

Coffee & catering


All buildings have warm drinks vending machines that supply various types of coffee, hot chocolate, warm and cold water. The Douwe Egberts Professional vending machines are installed in all main buildings. These offer two different types of coffee: fresh beans and an instant variant. The instant variant is offered at a cheaper price. The coffee made from fresh beans is more expensive. The payment method for warm drinks vending machines is NFC (with your bank card). 

Would you like to enjoy a cup of coffee in a different atmosphere? Then choose your favourite spot in the coffee corners operated by Ravelijn or De Waaier, at Starbucks or at one of the on-campus canteens or catering establishments.

Looking for more information about the warm drinks vending machines? Then check out our Products and Services Overview.

Snack vending machines

Vending machines for snacks and cold drinks are available in the main education buildings. Payments only with NFC (contact less bank card).


There are many catering points and establishments all over the campus, operated by Sodexo. Want to make a good start to your day? Then how about breakfast at an early meeting? Other possibilities include a high tea or other tasty and sweet options to pep up your morning or afternoon. And of course plenty of delicious arrangements for lunch, receptions, get-togethers and buffets.

Download the banqueting folder of Sodexo for more information. Would you prefer to arrange things in a more personal way? Then please contact the Banqueting department of Sodexo on 053 - 489 8003 / 06 -13214676 or at