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Studying on Campus

Good education should be supported by a good and pleasant study environment. This includes teaching spaces, spaces for practicals and project spaces with a nice atmosphere and the right furnishings and resources. Discover which amenities and facilities are available on campus or where we might be able to help you get what you need. 

Teaching spaces

The university has a wide range of teaching spaces. Large or small, spaces with flexible seating formats, rooms specifically intended for exams, lecture theatres and so on. The teaching space administrators of Facilities Services provide support for users of these spaces so that their activities run as smoothly as possible. All teaching spaces/lecture halls.

Study spaces

Various buildings on the campus offer study spaces. There are spaces where you can simply sit down and study, as well as project rooms which you can book. These project rooms are available in the Bastille, Horst, Ravelijn, Spiegel and the Vrijhof, among other buildings. More information about study spaces.

Opening hours of buildings

Want to know when you can use which building? Check the opening hours of the buildings here. 

Printers and copy shops

All the educational buildings have student printers that can be used by all students. You have a limited print credit on your student card as standard and when this is used up, you can recharge your card yourself. To do this, refer to the handbook 'Recharging print credit' (PDF). See the IT department website for an overview of all print handbooks

NB: Student printers and staff printers are separate. Student printers can be recognized by a sheet of paper with instructions for use hanging above the printer. Staff printers don’t have these instructions.

If you want to print posters, flyers or print bound reports then go to the copy shops in the Bastille (in the Union Shop) or in the Carré Building (at the top of the right-hand central stairway).