is a digital cooperation environment for cooperation in groups which can be formed by the members themselves. The initiator is also the manager of a team site or project site and can invite other employees, students and external parties to take part in the cooperation. is an environment which is offered on servers of the UT from the UT datacentre.


An employee can create an unlimited number of team sites or project sites with 25 sub sites. A MySite is also automatically created for the employee.

SharePoint is a Microsoft platform which serves as a framework for setting up a website for online cooperation within a group or organisation. is based on SharePoint 2013 and includes the following functionalities:

  • Option of working together in the browser
  • Saving, sharing and joint editing of documents
  • Task list
  • Calendar
  • Announcements
  • Discussion
  • Wiki
  • Blog
  • Use of workflows

The libraries in which digital documents can be stored form an important concept in SharePoint. The stored documents can be enriched with metadata that is linked to a document. In addition, these libraries can include version management.

Other functions in SharePoint include forums and surveys. These allow for the information to be shared with the right person in the correct way.

An advantage of SharePoint compared to the P: drive is that the owner of the site is able to control access.

MySite is a personal site in the form of a central location for managing and storing documents, links and contacts. MySite is also a place where other users can find information about you, your skills and your interests.

Log on

Employees and students of the UT can log on with UT e-mail address and for UT students using <s><number>, example

External parties can log in with an x-account. UT staff members can apply for an x-account through the Self Service Portal.


A request for a team site or project site can be made by employees through the self-service page of SharePoint.


We apply a fair use policy for this service, which means that the service is free of charge for employees, unless the user greatly exceeds the average. Initially, we will apply an average limit of 64Gb per user. If costs are charged on, we will of course first contact the employee in question. In that case, costs for charged storage will be €0.97 per Gb per year.


To use this service you need to be employed at the UT and have access to an internet connection. Students and external parties can use the service if they are invited by an employee to take part in a site, but they cannot request a site themselves.

The maximum storage space of a SharePoint site is limited to 200Gb. For a Mysite, it is limited to 5Gb.

Deleted files can be put back by the user within 30 days after deleting.


A new team site or project site is ready for use within 15 minutes.


This service is completely self-service-based and includes manuals.

LISA provides customised support, the costs for which are charged on. In consultation with an account manager from LISA, agreements can be made about support with regard to functionality, design, courses and information analysis. Requests for customised support are made by sending in a support request to the Service Desk ICT.

Please report malfunctions to the Service Desk ICT.

Manuals and links

You can find manuals here

Other useful links:

Get started with SharePoint

Share information in a central place

Collaborate on documents and projects more efficiently

Create and set up a list

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Introduction to document libraries

Organize and configure a SharePoint library

Servicedesk ICT
Library, ICT Services and Archive

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