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Skype for Business

Unified Communications uses integrated applications for various means of communication, such as telephony, chats, video calls, online meetings and sharing, so staff can use an internet connection to communicate and work together wherever they are.


The platform used within UT is Microsoft’s Skype for Business (Lync), hosted in the UT datacentres. All communication is secured by means of encryption, with the exception of phone calls to numbers outside the UT.

Skype for Business is an online application, enabling you to use Skype for Business on your favourite device wherever you have an internet connection available. Several persons, including people outside of the UT, can participate in online meetings (but also in chats and regular phone conversations). All participants need is a telephone line or internet connection.

It can also be used to pass on attendance and to send chat messages. From the Windows platform, Skype for Business can also be accessed from within other Microsoft applications, such as Outlook and Word.

An email address, username and password are used to log in to Skype for Business. Example:

Email address:
User ID: ad\goghv
Password: *****************

For an introduction on Skype for Business see:

Office training centre (UK)


Skype for Business is automatically enabled for every member of staff upon employment and a phone number is also assigned. National calls are the default traffic class for staff. The traffic class can be adjusted to ‘internal calls’, ‘international calls’ or ‘fully unrestricted’ after an email to the service desk sent by the budget holder.

Once a member of staff leaves employment, the traffic class is reset to ‘internal calls’ until the account is terminated after the grace period.

Use the self service page to request Skype for Business (Lync) devices.


The unit pays a fixed amount for Lync telephony, regardless of the number of connections. Varying costs will be passed on. Calling between UT-numbers is free (this applies for both fixed and mobile UT-numbers).

Costs for workstation devices are passed on to the OFI number stated for the order.


If you want to use this service, you have to be employed by the UT and have a network connection available.


New devices can be ordered through the self service page.

For other questions about Skype for Business and Skype for Business disruptions contact Service Desk ICT.

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