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SURFdrive for employees

With SURFdrive you can store your personal files in a safe and trusted cloud environment that is developed by SURF on behalf of the Dutch higher education and research. The data will always be stored inside the Netherlands and will never be offered or sold to third parties.

SURFdrive offers 250 GB of space to its users, for sharing and storing files documents, photos, videos. You can login to SURFdrive with your institutional account, so no additional usernames and passwords are needed. You can access your files anytime, anywhere from your smartphone, tablet or laptop and share your files with selected others.


No costs will be charged for end-users unless an extreme amount of data is placed on Surfdrive.


To use SURFdrive for the UT workstation software can be installed through Zenworks. You can find the manuel here.

For other computers (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux), Android devices and iOS devices you can find the software here. It is possible to access your SURFdrive files using a web browser.


For support, use the self-service page and the manuals.

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