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Functional mailbox request

For project, office teams, event or other purposes you may request a functional (non personal) email address like 

Policy & Agreements

The email policy is summarized in the URL policy UT document. Unfortunately this document is only available in Dutch. 

Forward vs new mailbox

In the form (see blow) you can decide if you want to request a forward (mail send to the new address can be forwarded to an existing mailbox of a staff member) of if you need a new mailbox with access for one or more people. 

How to access the new mailbox

For staff members the new mailbox will be added to their Outlook account and will below your own mailbox. For students, the ICT Servicedesk will provide a link to sign in with your own student account. 

Request form

To request a functional email address use the functional email address request form. Marketing & Communications will approve your request and forward it to the ICT Servicedesk to create the email address. The ICT Servicedesk will create a 'call' on your name to keep you updated about the status.

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