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Health, Safety and Environment (including working conditions)

For questions about your working conditions you can initially contact your manager and the VGM coordinator of your faculty or department. In addition, as a UT member of staff you have free access to the working conditions consultation (AOS) of the Arbo Unie medical officer (the UT's working conditions service).

If you suspect that your health problems may be associated with work, you can visit the AOS. This may include questions about the risks or effects of the work on health, as well as questions or problems with health that have an impact on (performing) the work. The AOS is confidential and the UT will only be informed with your permission.

The AOS plays an important role in the preventive care process and fits in well with the UT's desire to prevent health problems rather than only treat the symptoms.

An appointment can be made for the AOS via 088-2726312.

Further information about the working conditions policy can be found on the Dutch version of this page.

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