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New tender for furniture

In the past few months several staff members of Campus and  Facility Management (CFM) and colleagues from faculties and service departments have worked on the new tender for the purchase of furniture at the UT. It concerns a contract lasting three years, in effect from 1 October 2019. After this fixed period it’s possible to extend the contract with two (2) times, two (2) years. The tender document takes into account the requirements UT staff often has when they order furniture.

The tender result is as follows:


Parcel / articles


1.       Desk chairs


2.       Office,- education,- and project furniture




 The tender has been divided in two parcels: desk chairs and office- , education,- and project furniture.   

Parcel 1: desk chairs 
There are three types of chairs selected with a fixed price. Naturally you can also order other types of desk chairs at Eromes.

Parcel 2: office,- education,- and project furniture 
In parcel 2 there will be small tender for every purchase above € 3500,-. Below this amount you can choose between the three selected suppliers and order by filling in an order application (OTA form).

What has been assessed? 
The UT thinks sustainability and circularity is very important, this was one of the main criteria on which the suppliers were assessed. Of course we also reviewed the price. In order to know to what extent the suppliers were able to project the UT's unique disposition, and with that the function and design of the rooms, we requested two completed propositions for "fictional designs". Receiving a completed proposition ensures proper assessment of the supplier.

What's next 
Each faculty and service department will be consulted about how things will be designed and implemented. There will be a kick off meeting with all the Health, Safety and environment officers.

Contact information suppliers 

Name:  Robert ten Wolde

Name: Maarten Houdijk
Name: Rene Snuvers

For questions or more information you can contact:  Chantal Hilgeholt or Bert Kloppers from CFM.