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European furniture tender

The current furniture contracts will expire in the near future. To allow the new contract(s) to take effect on 1 October 2019, the European tender process has already begun.

Sustainability is a priority for the UT. Apart from the various housing issues over the next few years, the aim is to set out the contract in such a way that suppliers can still be used in case of any future changes.

Two lots have been defined:

  • Lot 1: Office chairs
  • Lot 2: Office, Education, and Project furniture

A request will be made for lot 2 in the form of a mini competition. A lower limit for the order amount will be determined as of the time the mini competition is held, based on order history from recent years. To that end, the Purchasing department will request several quotes, after which the order will be awarded to the relevant supplier. Suppliers from whom bids are requested will be confirmed after the tender. This means both the customer and the supplier can easily co-ordinate with regards to wishes and options.

Further information to follow after final award.