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Sustainable Tuesday collects innovative ideas, do you help? Sustainable doers have a chance to have a network breakfast with members of parliament

TheĀ idea of reducing food wastage, an innovative concept for sustainable energy or a project that brings different groups of people together. This year everyone with a sustainable idea or initiative can register for the 21st edition of Sustainable Tuesday. A new feature of this edition is that the nominees not only have a chance to win a cash prize of 1000 euros, but also an exclusive network breakfast with members of the Lower House.

Give your idea a stage in politics in The Hague

Sustainable Tuesday gathers inspiring and innovative ideas from society on The initiatives will be presented to the Cabinet in a suitcase on the first Tuesday of September. The State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management receives them every year. The presentation of the suitcase symbolises the connection between the sustainable society and politics. The best ideas are literally given a stage in politics in The Hague. Last year, the winners included an eternally erasable notebook, a line of jewellery made from recycled electronics and a company that makes straws from rye instead of plastic.


A jury led by Maurits Groen will award prizes to the best ideas. This year, the following prizes and themes will be the focus of attention:
- Greenchoice Energy Award, for initiatives in the field of sustainable energy;
- Asito Social Innovation Prize, for initiatives that bring people together;
- Lidl Food Award, for initiatives in the field of sustainable food production and consumption;
- VHG Groenprijs, for initiatives that bring people and nature together;
- ING Circular Entrepreneurship Award, for initiatives in the field of circular economy.

In addition to the thematic awards, the jury also awards an overall prize. This will put one of the submitted initiatives in the spotlight during the event. Anyone with an idea, business plan or vision can register until 1 June 2019. The nominees will be announced in August. The winners will be announced during Sustainable Tuesday on 3 September 2019 in the Old Hall of the Lower House.