One outlet with all the beauty from Mexico and Spain. Of course we also serve healthy varieties from this traditional kitchen, including the following concepts:

  • Chilling Beans
    Chill your beans, means that you take a break. These salads with beans as a basis, fit perfectly in any (lunch)break. And beans are super healthy! They contain fibers, proteins, antioxidant, minerals and vitamins.
  • Oh la la Tortilla
    The most famous dish from the Mexican cuisine: the tortilla. This corn pancake is made in various ways. Enchilada, burrito, fajita or quesadilla.
  • Bocadillos
    Move over healthy baguette, let’s get Spanish with these bocadillos. Delicious by using well-known ingredients from Spain. Serrano, chorizo and tortilla with bell pepper, are you going to taste them all?