Scandinavia is hip and happening. It’s all about healthy and pure food. The meals contain natural products that still have all the original nutrients. Oily fish, fresh vegetables, berries and grains make the basis of menu.

Nordic kitchen includes the following concepts:

  • GRØD
    Also known als oatmeal. Oatmeal had been a part of the standard Scandinavian breakfast and recently also part of our hip and healty population.
    One of the most famous lunch dishes from Denmark. There is no specific translation fort he dish, but the bottom line is a kind of ‘open sandwich’ with at least thee types of toppings.
    With the cold scandinavian climate, it’s a treat to warm up with a nice bowl of soup. Soup is a typical food you can enjoy together.
    Those who think of Scandinavia, think of IKEA. And those who think of IKEA, think of Swedisch meatballs.