FoodCity in Technohal

The Technohal, currently under construction, is the base for ‘TechMed Centre’. Even though the location is not ready yet, possible interpretations for the restaurant have already been considered. Healthy and sustainable, that's what this concept is all about. And that also matches the needs for a healthy, organic and vegetarian product range.

Foodstation: Lemons and beans

Lemons and Beans is the place to pioneer and experiment in the field of food and drink. The focus is healthy and sustainable food.


At Lemons and Beans, the three permanent Single Products come back (Coffee & Co, Greens and The Bakery). Each of these 3 gets some extras, think for example:

  • 3D food printers: Recently, the first edible filling was developed with a 3D food printer. The cartridge is filled with only fresh, natural fruit and vegetable ingredients (such as beet puree, garlic, lemon, agar or chervil). The 3D food fits perfectly within Greens to experiment with new flavor combinations.
  • Test bakery: Here we bring innovations to life. The most successful innovations and delicious flavors come from the combination of specific wishes, our expertise and the knowledge of students from the baking profession of ROC van Twente (one of our partners). From traditional to innovative and from healthy to a 'guilty pleasures'. You see that, you taste it and you smell it!
  • Cold Drip Coffeemaker: Innovative coffee trend is the so-called 'Slowcoffee' of ice water. Putting a full pot (15 cups) can take 7 to 8 hours. But then you also have something unique!