Spiegel building has a luxurious Grab 'n Co concept. There are 3 fixed Single Products and 1 rotating Single Product. There is also a luxurious coffee supply. The ingredients vary from basic to luxury (such as fresh herring or sustainably caught salmon). That way you can eat quickly, on every budget.

Foodstation Grab 'n CO 

3 fixed Single Products in Spiegel
The Bakery

A bakery is part of the Dutch culture. For a baker, passion and craft are the most important ingredients: you see it, taste it and smell it. The baker surprises you with the traditional bread products, but he always shifts his limits. He surprises you with banana bread or the hip Two Slices: two slices of freshly baked bread with tasty and simple ingredients. You will also find an extensive segment of bagels at the bakery (grown in New York, but originally a Polish discovery!) And the baker of course always keeps his eyes open: what is currently 'hot' in his field? 

Coffee & Co

The smell of fresh coffee is undeniable as our barista makes the most beautiful and tastiest cappuccinos. For the tea lovers we offer various fresh teas. Need extra energy? You can also go here for an energy boost; try our raw bars or take an extra caffeine shot.


Aside from fresh (local) seasonal fruit we offer delicious veggie dippers, meal and fruit salads, green smoothies, vegetable cakes, spirelli pasta (paste of zucchini, carrot and beet), cauliflower fried rice and a wide range of vegan dishes. For healthy snacks you are at the right place at Greens; dried fruit and fruit ice creams but also delicious nuts, aka 'food for the brain'. 


In addition to the fixed Single Products, there are also Single Products that rotate at the Spiegel building. As of 2 September 2019, you can enjoy Hup Saté in Spiegel!


There is a luxurious piston machine in Spiegel building, manned by a qualified barista. That is just that extra for an absolutely delicious cup of coffee.