The Ravelijn will be completely different! There will be a restaurant in the Ravelijn with concept that will change annually. The concepts in Ravelijn have a specific character: 'A taste of ...'. We start with 'A taste of Italy'!

A taste of italy

A taste of Italy: Ravelijn will be fully equipped with Italian products and dishes the first year. Such as pasta, pizza, (meal) salad and fresh fruits. Get acquainted with a new plant concept: Calzone. These are double-folded rolls, made from dough full of vegetables. Dough made with 70 grams of red beet, cauliflower or pumpkin. And do not forget: real Italian coffee.

Extras in Ravelijn


Coffee. There is always a need for it. Especially around lecture halls and study rooms. That is why there are also flexible coffee facilities. With hip coffee bags there is always a 'coffee to go' available. A tasty and affordable boost in between!