The university took ‘Surprisingly distinctive’ as its motto for the tendering process. Under this banner, the aim was to create a standout concept based on a single product at each campus location. This inspired Appèl to take a brand new approach to its on-campus catering, by reimagining the campus as FoodCity. 

FoodCity is about encounters, experiences and experimenting. The catering concept comprises a unique collection of Single Products. This will give rise to an exciting combination of food courts, a pop-up store, an Italian restaurant and a cool student bar. 


The catering concept is based on so-called 'Single Products'. By that we mean: one product, one product group or one type of kitchen. Every restaurant at the UT has a number of permanent Single Products and a number of rotating Single Products. This makes every restaurant recognizable and unique, but it also varies on a regular basis. Examples of these Single Products are 'The Bakery', 'Little Italy', 'Veggie' and 'Mañana Mañana'. That is not all: because there are many more kitchen concepts on campus. There really is something for everyone!