There is a lot to think about when organizing an event. The first step is setting a date and arranging a location. Permission must always be obtained from the Events Office for all events and most activities on campus. Some events require (event) permits or exemptions from the Municipality of Enschede. To obtain an application form for the Municipality of Enschede and information about the documents that must be submitted with the application form, please visit the Municipality of Enschede website. 


When applying for a permit and/or exemption, organizers must always involve the Events Office. The Events Office can give you more information about the application process and time frames. If you are unsure whether you need a permit for an event or activity, contact the Events Office well in advance.


  • Make sure you have read the entire permit carefully, and make sure your event meets all the conditions and (extra) safety requirements.
  • During the event, the event permit must be in the possession of:  
    1) the person(s) responsible for carrying out the event 
    2) the Events Office (  
    3) Head of University of Twente Security and university security (via


In connection with certain events, activities or sports matches, it is possible to spend the night in designated locations on campus. One of the options is to sleep in the cabins; in certain situations, you are also allowed to camp on campus. To camp on campus, you always need to obtain permission from the Events Office, and in certain cases you will also need a permit. See also the conditions and security requirements for camping on campus. 


  • If fewer than 50 people are camping, you must apply to the Municipality of Enschede. The Events Office submits these applications. Plan for an application period of 2 working weeks.
  • If more than 50 people will be camping, you must apply through the Events Office for a fire safety ordinance.  Plan for an application period of 9 weeks.


There are safety requirements and regulations associated with erecting a (party) tent on campus grounds. If the tent is larger than 50 m2 and/or there will be more than 50 people in the tent, you must apply for a permit. Plan for an application period of 10 weeks. 
If the fire service gives permission, the exact location and site of the tent must always be decided in consultation with the Events Office and the contract manager for the university grounds. If you have any questions about this or would like more advice, please contact the staff in the Events Office.


The municipality uses the environmental permit to grant the university permission to organize 12 on campus each year to which less restrictive noise standards apply. These events are organized by or in consultation with the Events Office. At all other parties and activities, no music may be audible off campus.

The Events Office can advise you about whether you need permits, and apply for permits on your behalf.