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Course prices
UT bachelor and master’s students: €150 (registration fee), payable at registration. Course materials are included.

Group size
Minimum 8 and maximum 15 participants

Qualified teacher of German as a foreign Language

Course materials
Provided by the TCP Language Centre
Sicher! B1+, dr. M. Perlmann, S. Schwalb, Hueber Verlag

Kursbuch: ISBN 978-3-19-001206-0
Arbeitsbuch: ISBN 978-3-19-011206-7
Audio files can be downloaded free of charge


This course aims at all UT students with an advanced knowledge of German and whose current level is approximately CEF-level B1.


In this advanced course students brush up their school learning of German and extend their knowledge.


The practicing of skills is embedded in relevant everyday situations and events with focus on issues like housing, study, travel, work and career in Germany. New grammar and vocabulary build upon what is already known.
The extension of communicative competences is the central learning objective of this course. Learning from and with each other is essential. Pair and group work therefore play a central role. Each lesson includes a variety of practical learning activities. All competences will be trained:

  • Structure and development communicative skills
  • Structure listening and reading skills
  • Confidence with grammatical structures
  • Exercise writing expression


Attendance at every lesson is essential. The course consists of 18 contact hours, with one session per week, each session lasting two hours. Homework is expected to take approximately two hours per lesson. A final test is part of this course.


In the first lesson, a written assessment takes place to determine estimated CEF-levels of participants. There is no assessment prior to the start of the course.

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