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Dutch Follow Up 1


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Course prices
UT-employees: €340
Faculty departments pay an annual fee, so you do not pay yourself. You need permission from your head of department, and an OFI number.
Service departments will be charged with the course price, so you do not pay yourself. You need permission from your head of department, and an OFI number. 

Partners of UT-employees: €340

Non-UT participants: €440
Partners and non-UT participants can use internet payment to pay the course fee.

Group size
Minimum 10 and maximum 15 participants

Qualified teacher of Dutch as a foreign Language

Course materials 
Provided by the TCP Language
Nederlands in Gang, Boer de B, Kamp v.d. M, Lijmbach B., Coutinho 2010, 1e druk, ISBN 9789046905401


For PhD-candidates, employees (and their partners) of the UT and ITC, who have completed the Dutch for Beginners Evening Course, or a similar basic course and whose current level of Dutch is approximately CEF-level A1.


In this follow-up course participants extend their basic knowledge of Dutch, CEF-level A2.


Method used: We continue with Nederlands in gang

  • Dutch grammar and conventions
  • Extended basic vocabulary
  • Speaking and writing about     everyday situations and personal life
  • Understanding and being able to produce short messages and announcements
  • Writing short and simple letters, invitations, etc., give personal information
  • Reading for the main points in short texts

Each lesson includes a variety of practical and interactive learning activities, covering all skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking


Attendance at every lesson is essential. The course consists of 36 contact hours, 18 two hour sessions, twice a week. Homework is expected to take approximately 2 hours per lesson. The study load for this course is roughly equivalent to 2,5 ECTS.


Admission takes place after the teacher has assessed the candidate on the basis of an intake interview or certificates obtained from earlier language courses.

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