Terms and Conditions


  1. The TCP supports the language learning needs of everyone at the University of Twente: lecturers, support staff, researchers and students.
  2. People from outside the University of Twente can join our language courses under certain conditions. Interested parties are invited to contact the TCP about options and conditions.
  3. Registration is possible twice a year, in August/September and in January.
  4. During these periods students can register by completing in the registration forms provided on the TCP-website Completed registration forms should be handed in at the Student Services desk on floor 2 of the Vrijhof.
  5. Course fees are payable at registration. Without proof of payment registrations will not be processed.
  6. Incomplete or late registrations will not be processed.
  7. Registration forms are dealt with in order of arrival, with the exception that UT-applicants have precedence over other applicants.
  8. When a particular course is full, registration for that course will be closed. Students may ask to have their name put on a waiting list. If a place becomes available they will be contacted and invited to register.
  9. Employees can register throughout the year, either by filling in the online registration form or by coming to the TCP Service desk on floor 5 of the Vrijhof. They should state the OFI-number to which the course fees are to be debited and the name of their supervisor or manager on their registration form.
  10. We will acknowledge the receipt of your registration form by e-mail. This mail confirms registration, but not admission.

  11. For group registration do not fill in any form, but contact the TCP directly at

  12. Admission to a particular course only takes place after registration has closed and all registration forms have been assessed by the TCP.
  13. When you have been admitted to a course, you will receive an invitation for the first lesson shortly before the start of the course.
  14. The TCP may refuse a candidate admission to a course if the teacher deems that course unsuitable for the candidate. This will be done no later than after the second lesson.
  15. If a candidate is refused admission to a course because at registration the candidate provided false information about previous knowledge of the language in question – for instance by untruthfully filling in the Dialang scores – registration fees already paid will not be reimbursed.
  16. Each course has a minimum and a maximum number of participants. In case of insufficient or accidental surplus registrations we will offer you (a) to join an alternative course, or (b) to defer your registration till a later date, or (c) to annul your registration and fully reimburse you. This will be done no later than 5 days before the start of the course.
  17. If due to unforeseen circumstances, such as sudden illness of the teacher, the TCP needs to cancel a course, you will be informed of this no later than 5 days before the start of the course, or as soon as is possible.

    Cancellation by the participant
  18. Cancellation by the course participant is possible only before registration closes. Candidates should contact the TCP in writing, stating full personal and course details. Course fees already paid will be reimbursed.
  19. Cancellation by the course participant after registration has closed will not lead to a refund, except in the case of pressing personal circumstances, such as hospital admission. In such situations a request for a refund can be made in writing, stating relevant personal and course details.
  20. Up to ten days before a course starts a participant may request a transfer to another course, provided the original course still has the minimum number of course participants.
  21. An attendance of less than 50% is considered a cancellation by the participant. In such cases the participant itself is always personally charged the full course fee, even if part of the fee or the total fee is paid for by the university.

  22. A certificate of attendance will be issued to those course participants who were present at and have actively taken part in at least 75% of the lessons.
  23. The certificate gives details of the course participant, the course title, the study load involved and the level at which the course took place, expressed in norms derived from the Common European Framework. The personal details of the course participant will appear on the certificate as presented on the registration form.
  24. If a formal test is part of the course, this will also be stated on the certificate.