See Examinations Office

Specific Facilities

The UT offers students the opportunity to use additional features for an exam

If students wish to take advantage of this, they can register their interest at the beginning of the academic year with the study adviser. The study adviser decides whether a student has permission to use the extra facilities. These special features are arranged as follows:

  • Students who are only entitled to make use of extra time or an enlargement to A3 will participate with the exam in the regular examination room.
  • Students who are entitled to other facilities will take their exam in a separate room in the building Therm.

 Double exam:
If a student wishes to use the “double exam” facility, then the student must request this (no later than) two weeks in advance with the study adviser. Once given permission, the student contacts the Examination Office. The Examination Office shall create the opportunity so that the exams can be sat in succession. This is planned in such a way that students cannot have any contact about either exam with other students. This relates to a one-off facility for which no “extra facilities pass” are issued.

More information about special button features you can found here.