See Examinations Office

Processing Results

The Examination Office processes the results for all* courses within the UT

Results may be delivered (digitally) by a lecturer stating the results in the form of an assessment form or Excel file with grades. All results must be submitted in a signed document.

The Examination Office provides lecturers in advance with a participant list which is to be used to submit the results.

Entering corrections
Once a grade has been entered, it may be revised once, for example after an exam has been reviewed. A change can be submitted using a grade note or grade list or by sending a signed email to the Examination Office. All changes must be accompanied by the title "correction", date, student name, student number, course information and a signature. The Examination Office then enters the changes into Osiris.

More information about the delivery of grades can be found here.

Useful documents:

* except PDEng, grades for staff (PHD), traineeships, graduation and participants in pilot Osiris Docent Module.