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Campus exams in custom web applications

Some educational packages have their own exam environment for web-based assessment. These exams can be taken securely at the digital exam locations on campus (on Chromebooks).

Before you schedule a web-based exam

The first step is always to contact the examination office at They can discuss possibilities with you. Some examples of web-based exams we have taken in the past are MapleTA and MyLabsPlus. 

Please note

Exams in Canvas cannot be scheduled at the digital assessment locations on Campus. Canvas offers communicatoin options that cannot be fully blocked. It is therefore not suitable as a secure exam application.

During the exam

The examination office will schedule e-assistants who will set up and break down the exam hall for you. They can also help students reset UT passwords. However, please note that the support is limited:

  • E-assistants are not invigilators (surveillance). The lecturer and/or a representative(s) should be present for this.
  • If the exam application requires a custom password (not part of the UT single sign-on), please arrange for assistance in case students have forgotten their password. The e-assistants can only reset UT passwords.
  • While the e-assistants can alert the lecturer in case of software issues, the exam office will not be able to troubleshoot such issues with the software provider. Any communication will need to go through the responsible persons within the faculty.