Application for assessment of circumstances

If you are unable to meet the MoMi requirement for academic year 2017/2018 due to one of the recognised justifiable grounds for study delay, you can submit an application for assessment of your circumstances to the Committee Personal Circumstances below (before 1 July 2018). Your case will be dealt with confidentially.

Please note that gathering the necessary evidence to support your application might take some time, hence it is advised to consult a student counsellor well in advance about the evidence needed.

Personal data

The 50% rule is only applicable to non-EU/EEA-students with a residence permit for study at the University of Twente.

Educational data
Study delay due to:

Period of time in which the circumstance took place:

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Contact with fainco or study adviser
Contact with student counsellor

Before your request can be dealt with, an interview with a student counselor is required, in order to discuss your study delay. If you haven't jet made an appointment with a student counsellor, please do so a.s.a.p.
Phone +31 53 489 2036.

enter the following code: 25849