5. Study progress in the context of MoMi

When do I have sufficient study progress concerning MoMi?

Sufficient study progress is assumed when at least 50% of the proportional nominal study load for (a part of) the academic year has been obtained. You must obtain at least 50% of the ECTS in all academic years. Your study process will be evaluated at the end of the academic year. For the MoMi standard and IND it is not important from which year the credits are obtained. It may be important to continue studying at the UT, for example if it is combined with a binding recommendation for first-year Bachelor's students. In addition, you must successfully complete the preparatory year/pre-master/transition program in order to be able to enroll for the main course. Specific situations are explained below.

Specific situations:

•  Another moment of enrollment, for example February:

If you enroll later on in the academic year, you must achieve 50% of the ECTS that can be obtained in the remaining part of that academic year.
For example: from February to September, 30 ECTS can be obtained. In that situation you must achieve a minimum of 15 ECTS.

•  Honors program:

All points may be added together. In principle, all credits that contribute to obtaining a diploma count to meet the MoMi standard.

•  Multiple studies:

All points may be added together. In principle, all credits that contribute to obtaining a diploma count to meet the MoMi standard.

•  Internship and graduation:

Also in academic years with an internship or graduation, you must obtain a sufficient amount of ECTS. If you know that your ECTS will be awarded too late, for example in the next academic year, you can get a form filled in which explains that you have sufficient study progress. Please contact your study program or the student counsellor.

•  Switch to another program at the UT:

You can do another program within the UT, as long as you meet all requirements, including the MoMi standard of study progress. You must inform the UT about your switch as soon as possible.

•  Studying in Netherlands and abroad:

If you study in the Netherlands and abroad concerning the same program, all obtained credits count. The credits must be traceable to the program. For advice, contact your study program.

•  Studying according to Joint degree:

The points obtained can be added together to meet the MoMi standard. The credits must be traceable to the program.

•  Preparatory year / transition program:

The MoMi standard also applies to student of a preparatory year or transition program, but in addition all ECTS must be obtained in order to register for the main course. If you have not completed the preparatory year or transfer program successfully, you can't enroll for the main course. You can only use one preparatory period to follow the main course. If you have your Bachelor's degree and want to do a Master's program, then you may use an extra year (maximum of 12 months) to prepare for your master's program. 

•  Exemptions:

Points obtained by exemptions also count for the MoMi standard. However, rules regarding exemptions must be taken into account. The procedure laid down in the OER apply to the granting of the exemptions. Please contact your program or examination committee if you have any questions.

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